Property investment that puts your money to work. Bring it home with Housing Fixed. 

If you’re looking to invest in property or HMOs, then speak to us. Legislation is getting tougher when it comes to investing in property. Sure, there are more renters out there now and more opportunities to grow your investment portfolio, but with that comes new tax and rates challenges. 
It can seem daunting, and deter potential investors. But it needn’t. With Housing Fixed, you’ll find yourself in the company of steady, experienced hands ready to guide you through the property maze and ensure that you end up with a superior standard of investment, armed with the knowledge and support to make success of it. 
We help to save you time. We help you to gain regular income from your investment – and ensure that your investment grows to provide you with a strong financial return for you and your family later in life. 

We help you to do things properly. 

You’ll be shown the best properties with the greatest potential for capital growth and yield. Properties that sit in areas of recognised strong capital growth. You’ll be guided through the process of buying, completion and beyond to ensure that your properties are primed for rental from reliable tenants. 
There are no hidden fees, no nasty surprises. At Housing Fixed, we’re 100% transparent and up-front in terms of how we work with you. So let’s get the process started and turn your investment dreams into firm reality. 
Call us on 0115 727 0457 or contact us 
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