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Meet Garreth. 
Garreth has worked with property since 2001, turning his hand to a wide variety of projects and helping clients to achieve their investment goals along the way. Why? Because he passionately cares about investors making the most of the exciting opportunities that exist in property – and HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) in particular. In short, Garreth loves property. 
In 2001, Garreth undertook a joint venture into the property market, taking on a building which eventually evolved into serviced accommodation. In 2003 he became a landlord for the first time and has since grown his portfolio by networking and steadily and carefully investing time and money into property and relevant education. 
For the past fourteen years Garreth has worked with property on a full-time basis, even successfully stepping into the US market to uncover great investment properties there while working as an estate agent and a portfolio builder. 

A guy you can rely on. 

Garreth has worked hard to set himself very much as “the stand-up guy” – the decent landlord and investment advisor that both tenants and investors alike can always rely upon. That’s why he carefully selects properties in the better areas and locales, places where capital is strong and where there is a constant and healthy demand from young professionals. With his help, you’ll be better placed to invest your money correctly and wisely so that you make the most of it, both now and in the long term. 
His standards are refreshingly high. Garreth is not someone who would point you in the direction of properties that he wouldn’t be happy to put himself and his family into. His passion for property is infectious – and he only wants the very best for you so that you can successfully achieve your investment goals and enjoy yourself doing so. 
So if you’re looking to invest in property, speak to Garreth. 
Pick up the phone now and call 0115 727 0457 or contact him online. 
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